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Nourished by Africa

Welcome to a totally new approach to skincare

Manufactured by Afri-Derm Skin Technology and inspired by traditional, natural African oils, this unique, proudly South African product ensures that skin stays healthy and beautiful

These easy-to-use products gently cleanse the skin while helping to preserve its natural moisture balance. Only the best ingredients from the African soil are used.

Nourished by Africa Facial & Body Cleanse and Nourished by Africa Facial & Body Butter contain:             

  •   Baobab Oil - Softens the skin, helps to treat psoriasis and eczema, and retains skin elasticity.
  •   Kalahari Melon Oil (Tsamma Seed Oil) - Hydrates and regenerates the skin and restructures skin tissue. Contains Linoleic acid (50–70%).
  •   Marula Oil - Rich in anti-oxidants, has natural oxidation stability, helps to heal the skin, and softens and revitalises the skin. It’s a free radical scavenger with incredible anti-ageing properties.
  •   Mongongo Nut Oil (Manketti Oil) - Linoleic acid (30–54%) smoothes, hydrates, regenerates and restructures the skin while the eleostearic acid reacts rapidly with UV light, producing polymorization, Mongongo Nut Oil forms a protective film on skin and hair fibre, giving it a healthy shine.
  •   Green Rooibos Extract - Excellent anti-oxidant properties help protect skin from oxidative stress, while anti-irritant properties soothe stressed skin.
  •   Shea Butter - A superb moisturiser with exceptional healing properties – the moisturising component in Shea Butter is the same component produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. The natural vitamin A and E in Shea Butter is important for improving various skin conditions.


I would like to share my testimony with you because I'm so grateful that the Therapist introduced me to Nourished by Africa's products.
I found  severe eczema on my chin and nose area in October 2014. I went from doctor to pharmacy and started using cortisone ointments. As I believed, as it began to look better, it again flared up worse than before.

I began using Nourished by Africa's cream in December 2014 and added the cleanser in February 2015. I have discontinued all medication and skin care products, and within 3 days had these before and after photographs taken. The results are amazing as well as the texture of the products.

Thanks to Nourished by Africa for the answer to eczema. It is also an affordable and quick routine that saves time and money.

– Very satisfied customer