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Jewellery, Handbags etc.

Launching Soon

Our festive Give Collection will be launched later this week.

Keep an eye on our Catalogue section for the online edition!

At the end of July we launched our annual collection, Ultimate 2015/16. Our launch was celebrated in sparkling style with Freshly Ground as the main event and recognition going to our greatest achievers who continue to build their incredible businesses. 

Pop the Champagne!

Hip hip hooray! Honey is turning 21 and we’re going take this party all the way. Check out our latest must have collection of beautiful bracelets, dazzling necklaces and so much more!

You’ll just ADORE it.


The Season has stepped into the room and all of a sudden we’re layering our trusted staples. But a new season brings new accents and what better way to embrace the chill but with something hot, hot, HOT?

Our Adore collection will set your eyes a flame with beautiful handbags, sparkling gems and must have season accessories.

Awesome Season Accents for Anyone!

Suddenly you need to rethink your wardrobe as leaves are falling and change is in the air. Get a new look with our latest sale of the last of our yearly best sellers!

Ultimate Collection 2018

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